site history

In late 1998, Chimera Kage was created as my third web site. At the time, I was fairly new to making sites, having only about a year's worth of experience, so even though the informational content was more detailed than other sites around at the time, it was still somewhat lacking and I didn't have a lot of media content to share. Even so, the site was still successful and I continued to put effort into making it better.

After numerous layout changes and addition of content, the site went on a hiatus in 2003. I had felt that after the series had finished its run in Japan, there wasn't anything else that I could add to the site. However, shortly afterwards I found that there was always things to update the site with and on May 25, 2004, I decided to update the current layout and re-write the content.

Sometime in February 2006, I decided to update the site again. After reading the six novels released by Tokyopop at the time, I felt that the site should be written with information based on the original source as opposed to the anime, so once again, I re-wrote the content. I also felt that a new look for the site was about due and proudly created my own vector-based fanart to use for the layout.

As for the title of the site, Chimera Kage, I never felt as if a change was required. The use of "chimera" is obvious, but I felt that the Japanese word "kage" was appropriate because it means "shadow" or "other side." I have always wanted to create a site that looks into all aspects of Zelgadiss' character, looking at the other side of his personality, past the superficial, jerk-like attitude that so many attribute to him.

Although the site may go without updates for months or years at a time, I feel as if I will never abandon it. I know that in the future, I will always come back to update it in some form or another, in hopes of making the best possible online resource for Zelgadiss. :3