One of my favourite aspects of Slayers is the music. Even though a few of the vocal songs are a bit dated now, it's so easy to find yourself lost in the hours and hours of background music, theme and character songs. I particularly like Zelgadiss' music, since he happens to be voiced by the talented Midorikawa Hikaru. ^^

Below, you'll find downloads for all Zelgadiss-related music in addition to some album information and lyrics. Please check out the credits page for lyric credits and remember to download only one song at a time!

Zelgadiss no Teema
     Zelgadiss no Teema (MP3 File, 1.9mb; 2:01)
Lyrics: Not applicable.
Performer: Zelgadiss (Midorikawa Hikaru)

This soulful piece can be found on Slayers Etcetera 2. As the title suggests, it's Zelgadiss' theme music, so it really reflects his character at this point with a very solemn tune. It also sounds very medieval, which fits with the time in which Slayers takes place. At times it sounds a little too... "King Arthur" but it really is a nice piece for Zel, all-in-all. ^^

We Are...
     We Are... (MP3 File, 4mb; 5:08)
Lyrics: Japanese & English
Performer: Zelgadiss (Midorikawa Hikaru)

We Are... first appears on Slayers Sound Bible II and later on . It's a really upbeat, rockin' song and happens to be my favourite song in which Zelgadiss is actually singing.

More Than Words
     More Than Words (MP3 File, 4.7mb; 5:58)
Lyrics: Japanese & English
Performer: Zelgadiss (Midorikawa Hikaru)

This song first appeared on Slayers TRY Treasury VOX and was later collected on disc two of The Best of Slayers (From TV and Radio). It's Zelgadiss' image song for Slayers TRY and it has a very slow, jazzy sort of feel to it but feels more positive than his two instrumental songs.

     Sasurai (MP3 File, 2.3mb; 2:38)
Lyrics: Not applicable.
Performer: Zelgadiss (???)

Sasurai is the title of the instrumental song that Zelgadiss plays on the guitar in one episode of Slayers TRY. The title translates into "wandering," which pretty much reflects Zelgadiss' lifestyle just as well as the scene he was playing it in. It's a pretty sad and solemn piece, much like his theme music from the first season. You can find this song on Slayers TRY Treasury BGM 2.

Slayers 4 the Future
     Slayers 4 the Future (MP3 File, 3.8mb; 4:14)
Lyrics: Japanese & English
Performer: Lina (Hayashibara Megumi), Gourry (Matsumoto Yasunori), Zelgadiss (Midorikawa Hikaru) & Ameria (Suzuki Masami)

Brand new song created for The Best of Slayers (From TV and Radio).