When it comes to sorcery, Zelgadiss is a master of shamanistic magic. Shamanistic magic can be divided into five categories: fire, earth, water, air and astral. With the exception of astral shamanistic magic, the other four categories call upon energy from the astral plane and convert it into a physical form (real fire, real water, etc). Astral shamanistic magic, on the other hand, does not convert the energy into a physical form at all. This is why astral spells are effective against mazoku, who cannot be harmed by physical attacks.

Out of all shamanistic magic, Zelgadiss excels at the use of astral spells. He has mastered the most difficult spell of the category (and of all shamanistic magic): the Ra Tilt. The Ra Tilt is equal to the power of the Dragon Slave but it only affects the Astral Plane (as opposed to the physical world). In fact, Zelgadiss has even created his own astral spell, the Astral Vine, which allows him to enchant his sword with magical power and make it useful in battle against mazoku.

Zelgadiss also knows some white magic spells. White magic is used primarily by priests and priestesses and contains spells of healing. However, white magic can also be used for normal functions like unlocking doors or putting people to sleep. In his travels, Zelgadiss learns how to cast Recovery (a healing spell) from Ameria and is already familiar with the more basic spells such as lighting.

Only in the anime, do we see Zelgadiss casting spells of the black magic category. Black magic calls upon the power of mazoku and allows the user to cast offensive spells, curses, summoning spells or even necromancy spells. The spells that we see Zelgadiss casting in the anime (Gaav Flare, Dynast Breath, Dynast Brass) are offensive ones.

Spells that Zelgadiss has cast (novels only):

The numbers next to the spells refer to where the spells appear in the novels: volume-chapter-page.