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Although there are probably still some fans who would dispute it, the relationship between Zelgadiss and Amelia is definitely a romantic one. It might not be as obvious and concrete as the relationship between Lina and Gourry, but there are certainly a lot of signs pointing towards a mutual interest between the two. We never see them kiss and we never see them really solidify their relationship in any similar fashion but it's obvious that there's something going on between the two.

Years ago, many Zelgadiss fans were rabid about their dislike for Amelia and any relationship the two had with each other. They'd go to great lengths to try to prove that their relationship was not a canon one and the amount of bashing against Amelia was absurd. Despite their claims, however, Amelia was never "clinging" to Zelgadiss or "hanging all over him." In fact, Zelgadiss is far more obvious in expressing some sort of attraction for her than she is! A good example would be episode 7 of Slayers NEXT, in which Zelgadiss is brought aboard the group's ship after suffering a brief experience as an anchor for it. He's unconscious -- or so the group thinks -- and Amelia talks about having to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Overhearing this, Zelgadiss blushes deeply and even puckers his lips in anticipation! However, as he opens his eyes slightly to discover a man looming over him, he's pretty disappointed, to say the least. ^^

People who are against the pairing often tend to use Zelgadiss and Amelia's first meeting as an example of how they aren't compatible. In the anime, the first thing Amelia does when she sees Zelgadiss is judge him based on his looks, calling him suspicious, which doesn't exactly go over well in Zelgadiss' books. However, in the original story taking place in the novels, Amelia jumps into battle in order to help Zelgadiss out, without even knowing who he is! There's an obvious difference in character here; she doesn't question his loyalty based on his appearance at all.

Another note worthy point to mention takes place in chapter two of the sixth Slayers novel; after a battle, Lina offers to cast a recovery spell on Zelgadiss and is surprised to see that he already knows how to cast it, since he never knew how to before. He tells her, "[Amelia] taught it to me a little while back." Since Lina never knew that this took place, it definitely means that Zelgadiss and Amelia had spent some time alone together at some point.

Speaking of Lina, a lot of people also seem to believe that she and Zelgadiss would make an excellent couple because they are both the most intelligent members of the group and both share a similar level of magical prowess. However, I can't imagine their relationship ever working out if they got involved; Zelgadiss is far too goal-oriented to put up with Lina's habit of going on detour after detour. Amelia is perfect for Zelgadiss because she understands how important it is for him to search for a cure to his condition and she would stand aside and let him do what he needs to do in order to be happy. While Lina and Zel do care about each other, respect each other and value each other's friendship, the two are nothing more than good friends.

During the epilogue for Slayers TRY, we see that Zelgadiss is on his own, traveling the world in search of a way to turn him back into a full human. One might almost assume that, since Amelia wasn't with him, that there really wasn't anything between them at all. However, we see that he has one of Amelia's bracelets hanging around his canteen. This is perfect proof of their relationship; if Amelia had no interest in Zelgadiss, she wouldn't have given her bracelet to him and if Zelgadiss had no interest in Amelia, he would not be carrying it with him. We could assume that in the anime universe, Zelgadiss would most likely return to Saillune after he's completed his search, to be with Amelia.

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say! There's tons of official illustrations of Zelgadiss and Amelia together as only a couple would be; many of them showing the two in close proximity with Zelgadiss blushing pretty hard! You can check out some of these illustrations in the gallery.

There are plenty of other examples in the series of Zelgadiss and Amelia's relationship; just read the novels or watch the anime and see for yourself! I will hopefully be adding more to this section as time goes on. ^_^