Who is Zelgadiss?

Name: Zelgadiss Greywords
Age: 18 (20 in TRY)
Height: Approximately 5'10" (177cm)
Weight: Unknown
Species: Chimera
Blood Type: AB
Seiyuu: Midorikawa Hikaru

Zelgadiss Greywords is a rather mysterious character when we first meet him; we believe him to be the villain of the series until the plot takes a complete twist after four episodes and his true intentions are revealed when he teams up with Lina Inverse against Aka Houshi Rezo. Zelgadiss takes a brief leave from her company when the battle is over but joins her not too soon afterwards and becomes a regular member in her traveling group.

Zelgadiss' general role in the series is that of the serious guy; he provides a stark contrast to everyone else as he's the only one who is usually cynical, responsible and highly goal-oriented, as he hates wasting time on silly detours. He can either dampen the mood of the others with his cynicism, or make a situation that much humorous with his dead-pan attitude. He often ends up being the butt of many jokes, his serious personality being the perfect target for gags, much to his own expense. ^^;

The one defining factor that makes Zel stand out among others is the fact that he is a chimera; he's one-third human, one-third golem and one-third brow demon. His entire driving factor is his desire to re-obtain his original human form and the fact that it was his great-grandfather who changed him has turned Zelgadiss into a very untrusting individual. Being changed into a chimera has given him a fairly poor outlook on the world and he's often depressed with a bad case of low self-esteem because of it. However, that's not to say that Zelgadiss doesn't have his fair share of silly moments -- Slayers is a comedy, after all!

His cold, unemotional attitude towards others has given Zelgadiss a rather bad name in the Slayers fandom; people write him off as being a jerk but no matter how many times he seems to come across as being one, he isn't. He has a lot of trouble displaying his true emotions to people because of what happened to him before he got any real friends. He does care about the people he considers friends, more than his own friends may even suspect, and he usually has good intentions even if he comes off as being insensitive.